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Emmy Nominated audio engineer Rodolfo Troncoso is first an accomplished Spanish guitarist. Schooled in classical guitar, rumba flamenco, bossa nova and pop music, Rodolfo has taken elements of each style and fused them into his own unique sound.


Born in Santiago, Chile, Rodolfo moved with his family to Barcelona, Spain where, at the age of 10, he began to teach himself classical guitar. Four years later, he immigrated to the United States but was forced to leave everything behind, including his guitar. Determined to succeed, he practiced his fingerings for over a year on a book with a fretboard painted on its cover until Rodolfo's father was able to purchase a new guitar for him. 


Playing music was a way for Rodolfo to integrate himself into American society. He quickly showed promise and earned the opportunity to study under legendary classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco, and flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano Jr. While still in high school, he was selected as lead guitar for the locally renowned Miami Beach Senior High Rock Ensemble, and performed in numerous venues across the United States with the Rock Ensemble, including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


Rodolfo has performed at the Lincoln Center in New York City and was the featured solo guitarist with several orchestras such as The Regina Symphony Orchestra in Canada and The Lima Philharmonic in Ohio. He has toured with Alex Fox and shared the stage with Kenny G and Kenny Rodgers. He performed for Jennifer Anniston at her birthday party and played for former Attorney General, Janet Reno. He was featured in the music videos of No Mercy and Cristian Castro.


Rodolfo received the highest ratings for five consecutive years at the Guitar Association of Florida and at the University of Miami guitar evaluations. He has received numerous prizes and awards in competitions around the country, including first prize at the 1996 Atlanta Music Festival, first prize at the 1997 New York Big Apple Classical Festival and first prize at the 1998 Orlando Music Festival.


In addition to live performances, Rodolfo is an accomplished composer and producer. He composed the main theme for the soundtrack of the independent film, "The Last Semester." He also wrote the music used in the Gyrotonic exercise classes and courses. He has produced albums for various artists in various styles from Jazz to Rock. 

Rodolfo has a BS in Audio Production from AI Miami International University.



  • Emmy Nominated for Audio Engineering in the Documentary "Carry That Weight" 2018

  • Zeno Mouantain Award, Miami Film Festival 2018

  • Certified GYROTONIC® Expansion System Trainer

  • 1st place jazz trio at the Miami Beach Jazz Fest student competition, 2013

  • 1st prize in classical guitar at the Atlanta Music Festival, 1996 

  • 1st prize in classical guitar at the New York Big Apple Classical Festival, 1996

  • 1st prize in classical guitar at the Orlando Music Festival in Florida, 1997











"Om Vartanam Namah"
Rodolfo in the Recording Studio
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